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Vento Nuovo



Our goal is to achieve that governmental officials clearly understand the opinion, expectations, and suggestions of the Client, and take them into account when drafting and adopting legislation. We prepare the Client's suggestions and supporting arguments for decision-makers, participate in meetings and sittings, and present the Client's position to decision-makers.

Building and Implementing Representation Strategies

We prepare a comprehensive strategy and envisage the necessary steps for its implementation based on our assessment of the particular situation and forecast of the potential rivals and opponents' plans. When developing strategies on interest representation, we involve communication, law, and other specialists as necessary.

Crisis Management

We are able to react immediately and can represent the Client's interests even when it seems that the decision has already been taken. We identify the causes, suggest possible actions and manage the situation to avoid hasty decisions or harm.

Association Management

We plan and organize work of associated structures, take care of the technical and administrative activities of associations, and ensure their complete functioning in areas of interest.

Legislation monitoring

We continuously inform our Clients about the relevant newly registered legislation as well as that which has just been put on the table or is already in the process of mulling, taking into account the specifics of a particular company. By ensuring continuous monitoring, we help you respond in a timely manner to changes initiated by politicians or state institutions.

Monitoring and Analysing Political Events (Political Reviews)

We regularly provide an overview of the key political and legislation developments, information about the most important events on the political agenda and processes in the political parties, governmental institutions.

Analysing the Situation and Perception audits

We use our knowledge of and experience with the legislation process to identify the interest groups involved in a specific legislation process, the positions of politicians and representatives of institutions, and to outline the possible scenarios of development of the events.

The Lex Lietuva legislation Monitoring System

Lex Lietuva, the monitoring tool for legislation that we have created and continue to develop, offers opportunities for daily observation of the latest bills that are being prepared or deliberated by the Seimas (Parliament) and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, and the agenda of their sittings and meetings. Users of the platform have the ability to create tasks that reflect relevant issues, and receive the latest and most relevant information directly in their e-mail inboxes.

Networking with Governmental Bodies

We identify the main stakeholders, and help establish and maintain relations with them, considering the specific points of a particular situation. It helps strengthen the image of the Client, build a reputation, learn about pending initiatives on time and prepare for them properly.

Alliance Building

In order to work effectively towards solving a specific problem, we help bring together and mobilise different organisations and stakeholders for joint activities. We prepare strategies and action plans for interest representation campaigns, implement tasks set, and advise the Clients in the course of implementing the measures.

Mapping & Engaging Stakeholders

In order to properly understand the political and institutional environment, we help our Clients identify key decision-makers and influencers. We help build and maintain relationships with MPs, state officials, non-governmental organizations, business associations, and other stakeholders.

Public Affairs Training

We share knowledge and experience with employees of companies or associations, management of corporate affairs, communications, and other fields. We offer training to non-governmental organisations, companies, and associations in lobbying, representation of interests, networking with state institutions, etc.

Public Affairs Consultation

We consult companies and associations on issues of interest representation in the areas of networking with state institutions, preparation and implementation of strategies. We draw networking plans and strategies, provide consultations in the course of their implementation.


We are a public affairs firm offering services of and consultations on interest representation. Launched in 2011, the firm provides services to the leaders in finance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, technology, food industry, publishing, tobacco, and other sectors in Lithuania.

Our Clients are companies and associations that need to keep up with the political agenda, predict and be aware of new legislation initiatives as they emerge, create and develop a dialogue with governmental institutions and other stakeholders. In our work, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and transparency requirements, emphasising the benefits of legitimate and transparent lobbying business of interest representation.

We are pleased that in the course of our firm’s business we have been successful in driving positive change in the legislation on Bankruptcy administration, Private limited companies, strategic enterprises, Cybersecurity, and Procurement. We have been actively involved in the discussions on Excise tax, Tax on environmental pollution, Tax administration, Value added tax, Corporate income tax, State social insurance law, and other tax-related regulations, and have successfully defended the interests of our Clients. We have profound knowledge of the laws on Payment, Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, Consumer lending, etc., and have taken our part in discussions aiming to perfect them. We have repeatedly supported, pro bono, the non-governmental sector in its efforts to improve legislation on Associations, charity and support funds, and Non-governmental organisations.

Lex Lietuva

Lex Lietuva is a tool for monitoring lesilation, offering an opportunity to keep track of the important issues on the political agenda on a daily basis. You will receive the most relevant information about the latest bills being drafted or already under discussion by the Seimas and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania as well as amendments to their agendas. Create tasks reflecting issues that are important to you, and receive messages directly to your e-mail inbox. The  Lex Lietuva system is also a source for the latest information from the Board of the Seimas, political groups, committees, and plenary sittings. You will find updates on the most important developments of the political agenda in weekly reviews of political and legislation events.

The system is a automatic tool for data on:

  • The agendas of the Seimas and the Government.
  • Newly registered bills of the Seimas, the Government, municipalities, and other authorities.
  • The process of discussion of relevant bills.
  • Adopted legislation.


Šarūnas Frolenko

Šarūnas Frolenko
Managing partner, lobbyist

Šarūnas is the founder of the Vento Nuovo lobbying firm and has been in the business of representing interests since 2006. He gained lobbying experience while representing NGO interests nationally and internationally, and in 2011 he founded a lobbying firm. Šarūnas represents the interests of highly regulated sectors and is trusted by companies in financial, telecommunications and IT and other sectors.

Arnas Marcinkus

Arnas Marcinkus
Partner, lobbyist

Arnas has been engaged in interest representation and networking with governmental institutions since 2008. He has valuable experience in the field of non-governmental sector, has contributed to or initiated several well-known public initiatives. Arnas is trusted by companies and associations in financial, publishing, media and other sectors.

Gabrielė Andrašiūnienė

Gabrielė Andrašiūnienė
Partner, lobbyist

Gabrielė joined Vento Nuovo in 2014 after she had successfully defended her bachelor thesis on the regulation of lobbying activities. She is responsible for the monitoring and analysis of legislation and the LEX Lietuva platform. Gabrielė works with media, digital platforms and other sectors, additionally she is active member of non-governmental sector and currently acts as a vice president of Lithuanian orienteering federation.

Mantas Zakarka

Mantas Zakarka
Partner, lobbyist

Mantas joined the Vento Nuovo team in 2017. His career began in the non-governmental sector, and in 2012 he started to actively represent the interests of national and regional youth organisations and develop cooperation with various state institutions. He has served as a member and expert in various working groups of ministries and commissions. Mantas represents companies of highly regulated alcohol manufacturing and retail, gambling sectors.

Rasa Beiniūtė

Rasa Beiniūtė
Project manager

Rasa joined Vento Nuovo team in 2021. Before that she worked in private sector for 13 years and was responsible for brand management, sales and marketing. Now Rasa is responsible for the monitoring and analysis of legislation, together with our team works on our customer issues.