Arguments are to be avoided, they are always vulgar and often convincing. Oscar Wilde
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We offer public affair services and help organisations engage with their stakeholders, manage their reputations and run campaigns to achieve change. We provide insights, analysis and recommendations based on our understanding of government, parliament, regulation and communications. We are partners in representing our Clients and defending their interests as well as in initiating changes that are of relevance to the business environment and society.

We draw decision-makers’ attention to issues that are important to the Client, initiate necessary changes and decisions. We help ensure that our Clients' communications are targeted, relevant and effective. In the course of our activities, we coordinate business and public interests and adhere to high ethical and moral standards.

Our role is present arguments to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. When resolving an issue of the Client, we identify groups of interests, envisage and perform actions required for matching the interests, analyse and prepare information, draft legal acts, organise public relations and meetings with public figures, and share the experience we have accumulated.

We represent the Client’s interests in law-making process

In providing our lobbying services, we seek that the Client’s opinion, expectations, and proposals are clearly understood by state authorities’ representatives and are taken into account in drafting and adopting legal acts. While applying our experience, we arrange it so that decisions which are important to you are considered in authorities, initiate discussions, and seek support from politicians and the public.

We establish and maintain the Client’s relations with politicians, civil servants, decision-makers, and other stakeholders

We know that good relations with state authorities strengthen the Client’s image, improve reputation, and allow timely learning of planned initiatives and proper preparation for them. By carefully studying the specifics of your activities, we identify the key stakeholders and assist you in establishing and maintaining your own relations with them or handle it while acting as your representatives.

We introduce the Client to politicians or civil servants

To those companies that plan their expansion, start activities in a new area, or implement investment projects, it is important to properly present their ideas and plans to politicians and officials at a local or national level. Support from public figures can accelerate the establishment or expansion of a business. We organise meetings with representatives of ministries, municipalities and their institutions and present your business plans and ideas.

We monitor initiatives and intents of authorities in areas of relevance to the Client

The activities of a company are influenced by changes in the political and legal environment, which are determined by government decisions. In order to effectively develop your activities, it is important to timely learn about initiatives of politicians and officials or new regulations which may influence your business. While studying in depth the specifics of your company, we constantly keep you informed about any legal acts that are newly registered, proposed for consideration or are already under consideration. Constant monitoring of plans of the Seimas (Parliament) of the Republic of Lithuania, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, ministries, municipalities or institutions subordinate to them as well as supervisory authorities will enable timely responses to initiatives of the institutions that might be detrimental to your business and protecting the business against risks posed by the environment.

We identify the interest groups participating in a specific legislative process, positions of politicians and officials, and present possible scenarios of developments

It is often difficult to understand who is the specific initiator of changes in legal acts, how important the ongoing considerations are, and when decisions are going to be made. Based on our expertise in the legislative process and our experience, we provide you with information on parties interested in the consideration of a legal act, their intents, supporters and opponents, and possible scenarios of the process. Better understanding of the situation will help you to take appropriate decisions and to select the appropriate level and forms of involvement in the consideration of the issue.

We consult companies and associations on issues related to the establishment and maintenance of government relations, influencing, and preparation and implementation of strategies

It is important to understand the processes occurring in the environment and to be able to respond to them in a timely and proper manner. While becoming acquainted with your activities and their specifics, we prepare, jointly with your representatives, plans and strategies for the establishment and maintenance of relations and influencing as well as provide consultations during the implementation of the activities. We share our experience and knowledge with employees of companies and organisations as well as consult executives and specialists who are responsible for the representation of the company’s interests and business environment development.

With regard to the needs and specifics of the activities of the company or association, we hold trainings, during which participants acquire and extend their knowledge of participation in the formation of public policy

The ability to cognize political processes allows timely responding to changes in the environment. We hold trainings based on practical tasks, during which representatives of companies and associations extend and enhance their knowledge and skills of participation in public policy and representation of interests. When offering a training programme, we take into account your needs and select practical methods that correspond to the knowledge and competences already possessed as well as help to reveal and allow easy understanding of the methods and subtleties of representation of interests.

Šarūnas Frolenko, Partner, lobbyist
Šarūnas is the founder of public affairs company Vento Nuovo. Before starting his career as a lobbyist in 2011, Šarūnas worked in the non-governmental sector and headed one of the biggest non-governmental organisations – Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) for four years. Šarūnas represents the interests of different sectors, he is trusted by companies in the finance, telecommunications & IT, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.
Arnas Marcinkus, Partner, lobbyist
Arnas engages in the activity of interests representation and maintaining relations with public institutions for more than 5 years. He has accumulated valuable experience in the operation of the non-governmental sector, he was a contributor to or the initiator of numerous widely-known public initiatives. Until 2017 Arnas also co-operates with TV producers and was executive producer of Lietuva Gali, Duokit šansą and other TV projects.
Gabrielė Andrašiūnienė, Monitoring and analysis specialist
Gabrielė joined the company while studying at Mykolas Romeris University. After successfully finishing her bachelor thesis on lobbying particularities in Lithuania she remained with the company. Gabrielė is responsible for legislative monitoring and analysis. Besides that, Gabrielė is active member of orienteering community in Lithuania. She leads the ski-orienteering committee in Lithuania's orienteering federation.
Mantas Zakarka, Lobbyist
Mantas joined the company at the end of 2017. He started his career in the non-governmental sector, since 2012 he actively represented the interests of national and regional youth organizations and developed cooperation with various governmental institutions. Mantas also was a head of Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) for two terms, a member and expert of various ministries' working groups, commissions.