Public affairs and crisis management

When it comes to our clients, we perceive ourselves as strategic partners and collaborators. We represent and safeguard the interests of companies while also championing initiatives aimed at fostering positive changes within the business landscape and the wider community.


Public affairs


We strive achieving a comprehensive understanding of our clients' needs and expectations,. This understanding guides our representation of them in front of public officials during the formulation and adoption of legislation. We craft Client suggestions along with supporting arguments, participate in sittings and meetings, and effectively present our clients' positions to decision-makers.

Development and implementation of representation strategies

Based on our assessment of specific situations and foresight on potential strategies of competitors and opponents, we prepare comprehensive strategies that identify the necessary steps for their succesful implementation. When building interest representation strategies, we collaborate with communication, legal, and other relevant professionals, as necessary, to ensure thoroughness and efficacy.

Crisis management

We help organisations assess potential reputational and business continuity risks. We provide consultations and help develop crisis management plans. In the event of a communication crisis, we help to manage the situation and minimise its internal and external impact. Our crisis management services are available 24/7.

Association management

We plan and coordinate the operations of associated structures, overseeing both technical and administrative activities within associations, ensuring the seamless functioning of these entities across their respective areas of interest.

Legislative monitoring

Based on the tailored specifics of a Client‘s company, we continuously inform them about newly registered, about-to-be-considered or currently debated legislative acts. This constant monitoring allows us to assist our Clients towards promptly adressing to relevant changes initiated by politicians and public authorities.

Political monitoring and analysis (overviews)

We regularly provide overviews of key political and legislative events, informing Clients about the most important processes on the agendas of political parties and public authorities.

Situation analysis and perception audits

We are able to promptly respond and represent Client interests even when the decision in question seems to have already been made. We identify the causes of problems, propose possible steps to take, and manage situations to prevent hasty decisions or damage.

Lex Lietuva legislative monitoring system

Our platform, Lex Lietuva, is as a comprehensive legislative monitoring tool that we have built and continue to develop. It empowers users to be informed on the latest draft legislative acts that are being drawn up or considered by the Parliament and Government of the Republic of Lithuania. This includes access to the agendas of their sittings and meetings. Users can customize and personalize their tasks to reflect their priority issues, enabling them to receive the latest and most relevant updates directly into their email inboxes.

Networking with public authorities

Based on our Clients’ specifics, we identify the key stakeholders and help establish and maintain relations with them. This helps to enhance their corporate image and build a positive reputation, and also learn about pending initiatives in a timely manner and properly prepare for them.

Coalition building

To ensure effective work towards resolving a specific issue, we help to cluster and mobilise different organisations and stakeholders to take joint action. We develop public affairs strategies and action plans, implement tasks, and advise Clients throughout the course of measure implementation.

Mapping and engaging stakeholders

To ensure our Clients are able to properly assess the political and institutional environment, we help them identify the key decision-makers and thought leaders. We facilitate networking with members of Parliament, civil servants, NGOs, business associations, and stakeholders.


We share knowledge and expertise with employees and management of companies and associations, focusing on corporate affairs, communication and related areas. We provide training to NGOs, companies and associations covering topics such as lobbying, public affairs and networking with public authorities.


We advise companies and associations on a wide range of issues related to public affairs, including networking with public authorities and strategy development and implementation. We develop networking plans and strategies and provide consultations throughout their implementation.

Communication crisis prevention and management

We help organisations assess potential reputational and business continuity risks. We provide consultations and help develop crisis management plans. In the event of a communication crisis, we help to manage the situation and minimise its internal and external impact. Our crisis management services are available 24/7.

We help organisation management prepare for interviews in difficult situations. We provide training on communicating with the media and other target audiences. We offer training on crisis management and business continuity plan development.


We are a lobbying firm specialising in public affairs management and consultation. Launched in 2011, our firm works with Lithuania’s leading companies in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, technology, food industry, publishing, tobacco, and others.

Our Clients are companies and associations that see the need to keep up with the political agenda, foresee and learn about new legislative initiatives, and establish and deepen the dialogue with public authorities and other stakeholders. In our work, we uphold the highest standards of ethics and transparency, placing an emphasis on the benefits of lawful and transparent public affairs and lobbying activity.

We are pleased with our firm's successful record of driving positive legislative change in laws on bankruptcy administration, private limited companies, strategic enterprises, cyber security, and public procurement. We have been actively involved in discussions on the Law on Excise Duty, the Law on Pollution Tax, the Law on Tax Administration, the Law on Value Added Tax, the Law on Corporate Income Tax, the Social Security Law, and other tax-related legislative acts, successfully defending the interests of our Clients. We have deep knowledge of the Payment Law, the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, the Law on Consumer Credit, and others, and have taken part in discussions aimed at improving them. We have repeatedly assisted the NGO sector in its efforts to improve the Law on Associations, the Law on Charity and Sponsorship Funds, and the Law on Development of Non-governmental Organisations on a pro bono basis.


  • Šarūnas Frolenko

    Managing Partner, Lobbyist

    Šarūnas, the founder of the lobbying firm Vento Nuovo, started his lobbying experience by defending the interests of NGOs nationally and internationally. He currently represents the interests of the most heavily regulated sectors, working with companies in the financial, telecommunications and IT, manufacturing, and construction sectors, as well as other industries.

  • Arnas Marcinkus

    Partner, Lobbyist

    Arnas has been involved in advocacy efforts and government relations since 2008. He has valuable experience in the NGO sector, including contributions to, and initiation of, numerous well-known public initiatives. Arnas is trusted by companies and associations in the financial, publishing, medical, and other sectors.

  • Gabrielė Andrašiūnienė

    Partner, Lobbyist

    Since joining Vento Nuovo in 2014, Gabrielė has been responsible for legislative monitoring and analysis. She now works with media, digital platforms, finance, and other sectors, too, and is also actively involved in the NGO sector, currently serving as Vice President of the Lithuanian Orienteering Federation.

  • Mantas Zakarka

    Partner, Lobbyist

    Mantas joined the Vento Nuovo team in 2017. He has worked in the NGO sector for more than a decade, fostering cooperation with various public authorities and serving as a member and expert in their working groups and committees. Mantas represents companies from very heavily regulated sectors including manufacturing, trade, transport, entertainment, and other services.

  • Julius Gratulevičius

    Specialist in Public Affairs & Legislation

    Julius joined Vento Nuovo in 2023, having previously worked in the lobbying and tobacco industries and spent the last five years in the public sector, where he was responsible for the strategic management of the NextGenerationEU and EU Cohesion Policy agendas. At Vento Nuovo, Julius ensures that the firm's clients receive all pertinent information regarding legislative and public affairs developments in their respective sectors.

  • Giedrius Galdikas

    Partner, communication consultant

    Giedrius has more than 20 years of experience in the communication sector. The main areas of expertise are crisis prevention and management, corporate communication. He has consulted international and Lithuanian organizations operating in the financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport and other sectors.